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‘Remarkable, balanced investigation’

‘The unauthorised story of a beer giant’s African saga. … Van Beemen precisely and rigorously ticks off Heineken’s excesses and tribulations in Africa. … For a long time Heineken’s management refused to meet the journalist, before changing their minds and giving him interviews almost two years after the book first appeared, which offer a valuable counterpoint and make this remarkable survey all the more balanced.’ 
Le Monde

‘Almost perfect case-study’

Dutch journalist Olivier van Beemen, the author of this well-researched and provocative book, has uncovered an astounding counter-story to the corporate spin. […] Heineken in Africa is an almost perfect case study of what can go wrong when globalisation is unleashed in markets with huge financial potential but without the regulatory frameworks present in more stable parts of the world. The evidence Van Beemen has collected is vast and has forced Heineken to change its ways. — Prospect

‘[A]n important window into how careless corporate behaviour can impede Africa’s development’

Van Beemen frequently gives Heineken the opportunity to respond to these allegations, and it seems that the company has attempted to reform its business practices. But what is motivating these changes? Have the book’s allegations, an indictment of the questionable corporate behaviour of a major European brewer, caused a change of heart? Or has the book’s impact forced the company to reassess behaviour it once deemed acceptable? Whatever the answer, this book it is an important window into how careless corporate behaviour can impede Africa’s development. — African Business Magazine

‘[A] provocative book’

‘[This] critical account of the brewer goes to the heart of doing business in challenging markets.’ — The Financial Times

‘Excellent book, suitable for development studies, economics and business schools’

Olivier van Beemen’s Heineken in Africa-A Multinational Unleashed is probably one of the most readable, nuanced and critical accounts of ‘multinationals doing business in Africa’ that I have read so far. [It’s] an excellent book, one that underlines the importance of taking a long-term, historical perspective when assessing corporate engagement in Africa and highlighting the nuances of how multinational companies operate in what is all too often labelled as a ‘difficult’ environment. Van Beemen’s particularly strength lies in the fact that he not vilifying a company or making blanket claims about the ‘evils of capitalism’ and yet provides ample of food for thought for assessing the private sector’s role for ‘sustainable development’. […] Heineken in Africa will not only be suitable for critical development studies courses, but can easily be added to reading lists of economics courses and even business schools. — Tobias Denksus, Malmö University, Aidnography

‘Fast-paced book’ ****

‘Olivier van Beemen is the gadfly of brewing company Heineken in Africa. The investigative journalist is so good at it, that the company has – after all – decided to open up and grant him numerous interviews… It’s a fast-paced book ’ — Volkskrant